Best personal finance management software

Personal finance management software is necessary to track your incomes and expenses, calculate your profit, identify your assets (profit sources) and liabilities (loss sources) and restrict your expenses.

Best software for smartphones:

1 place)
Cash Organizer for Windows Mobile

  • Recording transactions
  • History of transactions
  • Accounts (different currencies, investing account, saving account, charity account etc.)
  • Categories of transactions (food, study, work etc.)
  • Automatic transactions (planned transactions)
  • Transactions can have notes
  • You can specify type of income (earned, portfolio, passive) (using field "Payee")
  • Custom reports
  • The same category can be used for income transactions and expense transactions
  • Groups of accounts
  • Balance for an account
  • Balance for a group of accounts
  • Identify assets (profit sources) and liabilities (loss sources)
  • Balance for each category
  • Report for any period
  • Multiple currencies
  • Currency exchange rates
  • See how much money each payee received (in my case, see how much money you received in each type of income (earned, portfolio, passive))
  • Password protected access
  • Interface in English 
  • Incomes and expenses by category
  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Back up to one file
  • Automatic conversion between different currencies
  • Different color for incomes and expenses in the log of transactions
Missing features:
  • Embedded help in English
  • Automatic download of currency exchange rates from the internet
  • Automatic scheduled backup
  • Budget (if you transfer x% of your income to investing account, y% to saving account, z% to charity account and q USD you give to your relatives monthly, the budget should allow you to spend in the current month maximum 100%-x%-y%-z% - q USD of your income in the current month). So, if you see that you are running out of the budget, you should make additional income to increase the limit for expenses.

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