Esperanto dictionaries and encyclopedias (big update 2)

This post is about best dictionaries and encyclopedias related to Esperanto.
  1. Best dictionary software 
  2. Collaborative online free biggest-in-the-world encyclopedia in Esperanto: Wikipedia in Esperanto
  3. Biggest offline encyclopedia in Esperanto: offline Esperanto Wikipedia
  4. Biggest collection of offline dictionaries (including Esperanto dictionaries) in .dsl and .lsd formats (for GoldenDict, ABBYY Lingvo etc.):
  5. Biggest Epo-into-Rus dictionary (online dictionary of Kondratev, 72,000 words): 
  6. Biggest Epo-into-Rus offline dictionary (dictionary of Kondratev, about 65,000 words)
  7. Biggest Rus-into-Epo dictionary (collaborative online free dictionary, 45,117 words):
  8. Biggest offline Rus-into-Epo dictionary (dictionary of Bokarev, Finkel, Galichskiy, Pokrovskiy, 31,882 words)
  9. Biggest Epo-into-Eng dictionary (collaborative online free dictionary Glosbe, 109,409 words):
  10. Biggest offline Epo-into-Eng dictionary ESPDIC 60,510 words
  11. Biggest Eng-into-Epo dictionary ESPDIC 60,510 words
  12. Biggest explanatory dictionary of Esperanto (Plena ilustrita vortaro 2005 online, 46,890 words):  
  13. Biggest offline explanatory Esperanto dictionary (PREVO - ReVo for Android)
  14. Biggest multilingual collaborative free online dictionary (hundreds of languages paired with Esperanto):
  15. Translate a word using parallel language articles about a concept in Wikipedia (e.g. find translation of "ampersand" in Esperanto using article about ampersand in English and Esperanto):
  16. Multilingual (incl. Eo, En, Ru) online dictionary searching in many online dictionaries, including Wikipedia,, ReVo, Wiktionary:

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