Code of Esperantist

- To learn Esperanto well
- To teach others Esperanto
- To write new articles and to improve existing ones on
- To wear a symbol of Esperanto: badge, T-shirt, cap etc.
- To specify in social networks that you speak Esperanto and Esperanto is your hobby
- To specify Esperanto among your languages during census (if it contains such question)
- To talk to Esperantists only in Esperanto
- To advertise Esperanto in your forum signature, on your website and on desktop of your computer
- To advertise Esperanto to people whom you know
- To get acquainted with all Esperantists in your neighborhood
- To use ringtone in Esperanto
- To use Esperanto interface in programs which have Esperanto interface
- To vote for Esperanto political party if there is one
- If you wrote something good, translate it into Esperanto and make the Esperanto variant public

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