Holidays in Kyrgyzstan

Some holidays (or just days) in Kyrgyzstan

The list has ecological orientation. Official holidays are marked with "-".

- 1 Jan New Year's Day
- 7 Jan Xmas
31 Jan Day of giving up smoking

14 Feb Universal day of lovers
- 23 Feb Day of defender of fatherland

- 8 Mar Universal day of women
- 21 Mar Kirgiz New year Nooruz
22 Mar Day of clean water
last Saturday Mar Day of planting trees

7 Apr Universal day of health
22 Apr Earth Day

- 1 May Day of solidarity of workers
- 5 May Day of constitution
- 9 May Victory day, victory of the USSR in Great Patriotic War
last Sunday May Day of chemist

5 Jun Universal day of defending environment

11 Jul Day of population

- 31 Aug Independence day, independence of Kirgizia from nobody knows what, what to celebrate?

27 Sep Universal day of tourism
3-d Sunday Sep Day of gardeners

4 Oct Universal day of animals
10 Oct Day of nature of Central Asia
24 Oct The United Nations Day
2-d Sunday Oct Day of agricultureres

- 7 Nov Consent & reconciliation day, what to celebrate?

8 Dec Day of purity of environment
11 Dec Universal day of mountains, since 2002
15 Dec Universal day of Esperanto (birth of Zamenhof - creator of Esperanto)
24 Dec Adoption of the law fixing in Kirgizia's constitution Russian as official language, in 2001
29 Dec Universal day of biodiversity

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